About me

My glass journey 

I have always loved art but never found a medium that I truly fell totally in love with.... until I met glass on a stained glass workshop workshop in the early 2010s.  I loved the way that the glass transmitted & reflected the light, but I found the process a little too 'rigid' for me.  Once you had drawn the template for your design, you cut the glass & soldered it together.  Don't get me wrong, stained glass creates beautiful art but it didn't totally appeal to me.  Then I went onto a fused glass workshop to create 4 coasters & I was hooked!  One could cut the glass, place it into a kiln &  depending on the temperature & duration of heat, the outcome was often a surprise (perhaps you can tell that I studied the sciences for A' Level).

In 2016, I left corporate life, retired & bought a kiln.  I now have a little studio at home, in Stony Stratford, where I design & create my glass art.  I always say that it is 'my hobby, gone a bit mad'.  I love the chemistry of how glass reacts in the heat of the kiln. I love to learn new techniques & often experiment to see 'what if'. Not every experiment turns out how I expect, there are always surprises & things to learn. 

I love to create pieces with texture & many of my pieces are inspired by the natural world. Every piece is unique & only created by me.

'Made in Stony' association

Back in 2017, when I realised that I needed to sell some of my glass art (to make room for more creations!), I had no idea how to achieve this.  As luck would have it, back in October 2017, a meeting was set up to see if something could be done to support artisans of Stony Stratford.  I attended the meeting, ended up chairing the meeting & co-founding the 'Made in Stony' association.

'Made in Stony' is a not for profit association, run by volunteers, to support artisans of Stony Stratford.  We are not associated with any shop; we organise events where artisans can sell their quality handcrafted goods (art, crafts & foods).  It has been an amazing journey to see artisans grow in confidence & start to successfully sell their goods (including me).   We also support local non-Stony Stratford artisans & charities too. The support of our local community has been, & continues to be, amazing.